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Has your family grown since you moved into your house? Do you wish to create a separate study room or expand your kitchen space? Room additions come with lots of hassle but finding the right builder makes it easy for you. 

C.A Stevens Builders is a professional room addition contractor in Elmhurst that offers a host of unprecedented room additions without putting a dent in your wallet. We fulfill your home addition requirements with our dedicated team of experts ensuring maximum convenience and efficiency. We take pride in offering affordable and authentic services when adding new rooms to your homes.

We offer free design consultation and estimates to suggest you the best room additions that best compliment your home structures and fit within your budget. We thoroughly examine your home’s structure and provide inspirational room addition ideas accordingly.

C.A. Stevens Builders has been serving clients as an Elmhurst addition builder since 1988. We have successfully completed several room additions and helped clients improve the structure of their homes. Our experts build a quality addition to your home by keeping the right balance between trends and functionality. Sit back and relax while we do all the legwork and help you meet your room and home additions and remodeling goals.


Here's Why You Need a Room Addition

A room addition makes your living space bigger and kicks your property’s value up a notch without breaking your bank. You may need to add a room for various reasons, and we are right here to help.

Our team of experts is all geared up to build quality room addition for your house and add you to the ‘satisfied clients’ list!

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We provide you with the variety to choose the design and architectural elements for your room the same way you envisioned. We will adjustment your room's style and size as needed. Suppose you want to use your room as a personal office or a library; based on that, C.A. Stevens Builders handles all the project's particularities and fulfill any additional requirements to meet your specific needs.

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Saves Moving

Our room additions are cost-efficient. Moving houses is difficult and expensive, considering the ever-increasing real estate prices. If your family has outgrown the available space, adding rooms to your house is a great option instead of shifting houses. Room additions are comparatively less costly, quicker, and hassle-free. We believe a sensible investment is to add to your current house rather than buying a larger, more expensive one. We understand your budget constraints and realize that moving to a new house is not always feasible. That’s where our home addition services come to the rescue.

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Extra Income

We construct home addition spaces that you can rent to add some income. We construct spacious rooms with attached bathrooms and external entrance so that you can easily rent it out without disturbing your routine. Depending on your already owned space, our team possesses the building prowess for building an extra room and creating a mini-house for rent.

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Our masterful additions cater to your room addition needs. Whether it's a new-born baby's room or an office room, our expertise and experience make room additions functional and add value to your home. Our modern bathroom additions help you relax in a temperature controlled hot bath. Since COVID-19 pandemic, ‘work from home’ culture has become popular. We have deisgned several home-offices so you can work without any disruptions. Our experts will utilize the limited space you have and transform it into a small office with noise control and other office-like features for a productive environment. We are not just experts in building offices but also master the art of constructing entertainment rooms – be it a squash court or a music room. At C.A. Stevens Builders, we prioritize your specific room addition needs and make them possible so you can savor the quality of life. We help you make the right choice when it comes to room additions. C.A. Stevens Builders believes the smartest way to add value to a house is by staying within the advised square feet range.

Quality Services Guaranteed - Elmhurst Room Additions

C.A. Stevens Builders are experts in designing and building room additions from brilliant and creative ideas that compliment your region’s architecture.

By matching your taste and style preferences, we ensure that the home additions, especially second-floor additions, are structurally and professionally well built. You are like our partners and we transform your ideas from the paper to the ground with perfection and that’s what makes us one of the best custom home builders in Elmhurst.

C.A. Stevens Builders makes sure that every home addition compliments your existing home structure. As an Elmhurst addition builder, we develop structures that extend and augment your home in a modern way.

Driven by innovative services and uncompromised quality of work, we provide incredible room additions with the best team of experts.

What You Need to Do

To get best quality home addition services, it is important to select an experienced builder who knows all the ins and outs of construction and related aspects. C.A. Stevens Builders provides authentic and affordable room addition services that will improve your home structure and boost your property’s value. Your home is our job site, and we understand the gravity of it. No matter how small or big your home is, we try to get the most out of the available space and build efficient rooms.

Our professional experts are driven by innovative services and deliver an uncompromised quality of work. So, are you interested in getting a room addition yet? Contact C.A. Stevens Builders today.

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