Meet Your Expert Home Addition Contractor in Naperville, IL

Meet your expert home addition contractor in Naperville, IL, and expand your living space with unmatched precision and style. Whether you envision a sunlit sunroom, a spacious new kitchen, or an extra bedroom, our team in Naperville is committed to bringing your dreams to life. We specialize in crafting seamless additions that not only enhance the functionality of your home but also significantly increase its value. Trust our skilled professionals to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your new space perfectly aligns with both your needs and your aesthetic preferences. Connect with us today and transform your home into a haven of comfort and style.

Adding more space to Your Home in Naperville Home Addition

And before you realize your little family outgrows the house, and you need more rooms. Sometimes life forces you to upgrade your house, just like the pandemic demanded a small workspace so you could comfortably work from home. Adding rooms to your house is often chaotic, but finding the right Naperville home addition builder can solve it for you. C.A. Stevens Builders has been in the industry for decades, helping clients from across the Chicago Suburbs remodel their homes to add more space. We are recognized as one of the best home addition builders in Naperville, offering affordable and quality-oriented room addition services.

Whether you need a smart kitchen or an extra playroom for your little one, we will do it for you within your budget. Our room addition services include but are not limited to:

  • Exterior Room
  • Interior Room
  • Garage
  • Bathroom
  • Second-Story
  • Kitchen
  • Game Room
  • Master Suite
  • Playroom
  • Media Room
  • Home Office
  • Sunroom

The experience of working with hundreds of clients has helped us create budget-friendly room addition plans for everyone in Naperville. No budget is too tight for us as our experts join heads to deliver the best solution in limited budgets. Over the years, C.A. Stevens Builders has fostered long-lasting relationships with suppliers and other stakeholders, allowing us to find affordable alternatives for our customers.

Worry about the budget. Our team using our design build system will work with you to develop a plan that helps us meet your requirements staying within your budget. No matter the expense, a room addition is always cheaper than buying or renting a bigger space. Here is why we recommend room additions instead of moving to a bigger house:

  • Increase in Resale Value of the House
  • No Chaos of Moving
  • Less Expensive Compared to Moving
  • Control on the Design & Structure

Most of us love our neighborhoods and have lived our lives in the same street. That’s when moving to a new house sounds like a nightmare. But you cannot ignore the lack of room that makes your home less comfortable with every passing day. That’s when you need to hire C.A. Stevens Builders to add extra breathing room to your home.

Customized Room Addition Solutions for You

We don’t take it as simply adding more space to an existing structure. As a reliable home addition builder in Naperville, we care about your time and money invested in the project. Even if it is adding one room or minor addition to the patio, C.A. Stevens Builders wants to do it the right away. We sit down with you to understand and evaluate your requirements and expectations.

Before signing the contract with you, we walk you through the process. The only way we can do it exceptionally is if we know your vision. But we don’t just rely on your ideas. Being in the industry for decades means that we have worked with hundreds of clients and structures. We share our in-depth market knowledge and industry insights to help you make the right home addition choice.

Why Choose Us

Here is why you need to C.A. Stevens Builders as your home addition builder in Naperville for your dream project:

  • We have decades of experience in customizing homes for clients in Naperville. We know the local culture, geography, weather, and other factors that influence your decisions.
  • We have a team of veteran builders, contractors, interior designers, and creative artists who go above and beyond to transform your dream house into a reality with perfection.
  • Our experts never compromise on the quality, even when you are on a tight budget. We cut down on the aesthetics but never on the functionality and sustainability.
  • Our solutions are completely customized. We do not just change the color in the name of customization. Instead, every brick and every corner are built just the way you envisioned it.
  • When it comes to quick and convenient construction, we don’t have any competition that comes close to our excellent. You can be living in the same house while we are constructing another section without disrupting your routine.
  • We only hire the most skilled workers with proven experience in building customized homes. Just like you, we also only trust the best workers for your dream project.

Connect with the Best Room Addition Contractor in Naperville, IL

We are excited to give your home a makeover, and that too without disrupting your routine. We have helped transform hundreds of houses in Naperville and believe that our expertise and knowledge will give your home a much-needed transformation.

Our clients love us for our sheer professionalism, timely delivery of projects, and unmatched excellence. Hear our clients talk about our room addition services in Naperville:

The house definitely needs a makeover with your kids growing up and wanted separate rooms. I hired C.A. Stevens Builders to construct two new rooms on the second floor, and I was delighted for the quick completion of the project. My kids were the happiest to have their rooms ready right away.”
Lauren Simson
Mother & Architect
Moving to a new house meant leaving my neighborhood, and I was not ready for that yet. So, I reached the guys at C.A. Stevens Builders to add some rooms to my home. The work was completed without really making us feel the on-going construction chaos.
Mikael Barba
We loved the new room! We were happy to see how well the space was utilized which was otherwise being wasted.
Nicholas Leo

And now it’s time to get your home remodeled with the best home addition builder in Naperville. Let’s connect today and get started!

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