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C.A. Stevens Builders is your choice to add a room in Oak Brook by customizing it as per your taste. Our creatives, designers, builders, and contractors are experienced in creating spaces according to the requirements. You don’t have to dip deep in your savings to invest in the new space with our affordable room addition services. Our team brings your ideas to reality by remodeling your house just the way you envisioned. Our affordable prices and quality construction services make us a reliable room addition builder in Oak Brook.

We have decades of experience in transforming the now dysfunctional rooms into spaces that functionally and aesthetically add value to your homes. We start by assessing your requirements and analyzing your current home structure. Our experts craft a plan to remodel your house, keeping in mind your ideas, budget, and available space.  We have successfully helped hundreds of people add rooms to their homes in Oak Brook, and now we are ready to take on the challenge set by you!

Whether it is your tight budget or innovative ideas, C.A. Stevens Builders is here to bring your ideas to reality without breaking your bank. We are a leading Oak Brook room additions builder, presenting endless opportunities to expand your house without ruining the look and functionality.

Customized Oak Brook Room Additions as per Your Imagination

C.A. Stevens Builders understands your requirements and ideas and builds a home accordingly. After a complete analysis of your home, along with its existing structure, and your requirements, our experts build a functional plan that perfectly meets your requirements. We don’t just follow your ideas but also discuss their aesthetic and functional value. We have been in the industry for decades and utilize our experience to guide you so you make smarter remodeling choices. Our technical team evaluates your ideas and tweaks them if needed. Our team starts the work once the plan is finalized and approved from your end.

Yes, a swimming pool would look lovely but do you have space for it? A barbie-themed hallway is great, but your daughter will soon outgrow it. What then?

Experts at C.A. Stevens Builders help you make sustainable remodeling choices, so you don’t need renovations anytime soon. Whether you need an extra room for your newborn or upgrade one to a mini office, or need a wardrobe room for a just-turned-into-a-teenager daughter, we have you covered.  

Your Trusted Room Addition Builder in Oak Brook

C.A. Stevens Builders is a successful home addition contractor in Oak Brook with a decade-long experience in delivering functional spaces within a timeframe without damaging the pre-standing structure. Even with complex structures or weak foundations, our experts find a way to add rooms while fixing the underlying issues.

Our team has successfully delivered remodeling services to hundreds of people in Oak Brooke by keeping in mind the problems in the existing structure. We provide expert guidance to homeowners and provide remodeling services that go beyond building new rooms or renovating the kitchen. Instead, we transform your home to its best version by adding sustainability and aesthetics to the structure.   

Fast & Convenient Remodeling

We are a reliable room addition builder in Oak Brook and are recognized for meeting deadlines and delivering top-notch solutions. We give realistic deadlines after considering every factor that influences the construction timeline. Your timeline is the guide we follow, so your plans are not disrupted.  

We have successfully completed remodeling projects, finishing our work within the promised timeframe every time. We are an ambitious team of builders who don’t drag work or delay construction. Instead, we challenge ourselves to finish earlier than the deadline, and that too with perfection.  

Affordable Yet Quality-Driven

What is the cheapest way to build an addition? C.A Stevens Builders is known for its integrity and commitment. No matter the budget, we give our best and use top-quality material to build structures that withstand environmental atrocities. Aesthetics are important, but functionality is the priority. We can let go of the silver-plated mirror in the lounge but never on the cement quality.

We focus on material quality, functionality, and budget-friendliness.

Why Choose Us

Here is why you need to C.A. Stevens Builders as your custom home builder in Oak Brook for your dream project:

  • We have decades of experience in customizing homes for clients in Oak Brook. We know the local culture, geography, weather, and other factors that influence your decisions.
  • We have a team of veteran builders, contractors, interior designers, and creative artists who go above and beyond to transform your dream house into a reality with perfection.
  • Our experts never compromise on the quality, even when you are on a tight budget. We cut down on the aesthetics but never on the functionality and sustainability.
  • Our solutions are completely customized. We do not just change the color in the name of customization. Instead, every brick and every corner are built just the way you envisioned it.
  • When it comes to quick and convenient construction, we don’t have any competition that comes close to our excellent. You can be living in the same house while we are constructing another section without disrupting your routine.
  • We only hire the most skilled workers with proven experience in building customized homes. Just like you, we also only trust the best workers for your dream project.

Let’s Remodel Your House

C.A. Stevens Builders has decades of experience in remodeling and work as a leading room addition builder in Oak Brook. Our expert team is ready to help you remodel your home and give it an exciting makeover.

Let’s get started with your remodeling project today!

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