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Latest Remodeling Information & News

Cost verses Value 2017

Posted by admin on 02/02/2017 at 9:27 AM; 0 Views

                            11       39     Step 1 National Step 2 Regional Step 3 City Select another Year: Select a New Region: Regional Data – Middle Atlantic Albany, New York Allentown, Pennsylvania Buffalo, New York Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Lancaster, Pennsylvania New […]

Cost Verses Value Report 2016

Posted by admin on 11/01/2016 at 3:46 PM; 0 Views

Regional Data – East North Central Akron, Ohio Chicago, Illinois Cincinnati, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Dayton, Ohio Detroit, Michigan Grand Rapids, Michigan Indianapolis, Indiana Madison, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Toledo, Ohio   Midrange 2016 National Averages East North Central Project Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped Change vs 2015 […]

Remodeling Costs Verses Value Report 2015

Posted by admin on 19/05/2015 at 11:35 AM; 0 Views

Chicago Area Remodeling Cost verses Value Report Midrange 2015 National Averages East North Central Project Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped Change vs 2014 Attic Bedroom $51,696 $39,908 77.2% $52,433 $37,226 71.0% Backup Power Generator $12,135 $7,263 59.9% $12,240 $6,215 50.8% Basement Remodel $65,442 $47,637 72.8% $66,425 $39,601 59.6% […]

Home Additions Get Easy with Expert Home Renovation Builders

Posted by admin on 23/01/2014 at 1:33 AM; 0 Views

Home Additions One or Two Story Home renovation plans like home additions of an extra floor require a lot of planning and forethought. Without the help of experts one cannot proceed with this as it is a huge risk. Also, lot of legalities is involved in such projects which include obtaining permission from the local […]

It Is Essential To Use Good Quality Products For Roofing Renovation

Posted by admin on 01/01/2014 at 7:47 AM; 0 Views

The roof is one of the most basic parts of any house. Without it a house cannot exist. Like everyone else, you completely understand the importance of the roof. But, the thought of roof renovation fills you with immense worry and anxiety because you think it is a highly complicated process. In reality, it is […]

An Abode of Dream is Now a Reality- With Custom Homes

Posted by admin on 16/12/2013 at 7:39 AM; 0 Views

A home is more than just a place to live. Rather a mirror of expression of one’s choice, preference and lifestyle. It is by virtue of building a custom home that one can really express their preferences and showcase their finer tastes in life. It is easy to conceptualize a dream home, but not so […]