Home Additions Get Easy with Expert Home Renovation Builders

Home Additions One or Two Story

Home renovation plans like home additions of an extra floor require a lot of planning and forethought. Without the help of experts one cannot proceed with this as it is a huge risk. Also, lot of legalities is involved in such projects which include obtaining permission from the local construction departments. Only after the authorities approve the blueprints of zoning, planning and building that the project will begin. In such a situation you need the help of experienced home renovation builders.

People residing in and around Chicago will have the privilege of choosing a wide number of home remodeling firms who have worked for years. Homeowners going for second story or floor addition will be pleased to know that it is possible but only after a thorough inspection is done about the age and structure of the current construction. Second floor additions to a building are easy if the weight of the new addition is distributed throughout the distance of the house and framed towards the present exterior walls. Though a second floor addition changes the appearance of a house but it involves few complications. Aligning the existing floor with the new one is often not accurate, creating a balanced heating and cooling of the new space is difficult, relocation of existing plumbing drains to connect with the new one are some of the troubles you have to bear with. But all this will be a breeze if you hire a skilled architect.

Second floor additionsAddition Ideas

Seasoned home renovator builders suggest that homeowners need to keep a few things in mind while opting for a floor addition. The key factors to be considered are: location of new stairs to be decided, drywall ceiling to be protected from collapse, fireplace and gas chimney space to be extended, evaluating the weight of the new structure on the existing one, relocation of basic utilities to the new structure and evaluating the effect of the new floor on the existing mechanical system.

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